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Crafted Cocktails – TRIO Catering and Events

 Relaxing and Refreshing Cocktails

Poolside Martini – cucumber infused vodka, muddled mint and pineapple juice, served up

Strawberry Field Trip – basil infused vodka, strawberry puree, almond syrup, lime juice

PSP – vodka, pear liqueur, elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon juice

Slowpoke – tequila, muddled lime and jalapeno, mango puree, lime juice

Classic Cocktails

Mojito – silver rum, muddled lime and mint and simple syrup

Manhattan – bourbon, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters, garnished with a cherry

Tom Collins – gin, lemon juice, soda water, garnished with a lemon and cherry

Hemmingway – rum, luxardo maraschino liqueur and grapefruit juice

Bartender’s Originals

Blue Cherry Moon – vanilla vodka, blueberry puree, cherry bitters, lemon juice, simple syrup

Buddha’s Only Sin – citrus vodka, muddled mint, orgeat syrup, fresh lemon juice

Sweet Bliss – cucumber vodka, pimms, lemon juice, agave nectar

Vitamin C-Lantro – rum, muddled oranges and cilantro, topped with lemonade

Liquor Forward Cocktails

Chairman of the Board – rye whiskey, cointreau, cognac, benedictine, lemon zest and a twist

Grand Dad’s Desire – bourbon, chamomile liqueur, cherry bitters, sweet vermouth,  lemon twist

Hemmingway – rum, luxardo maraschino liqueur, grapefruit juice

Spanish Harlem – tequila, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters, garnished with a cherry

Original Cocktails available for Any Event. After your consultation with our bartender we will design with cocktails to fulfill all needs, wants, tastes and desires.